Overview of the Dashboard

In this section, we’ll review the menus and functions available from your Jobboom dashboard, once you're logged in.

1_ Jobboom account number and name of organization


2_ Dashboard:This tab will return you to the Dashboard, regardless of which page you are on in your account.

3_ Create a posting:To create a new job offer, start here.


Different menus (including Contact information and Company profile) allow you to modify the company and contact information found in your account. You can also configure your preferences to choose what information is shared with candidates when you post a job offer.

4_ Package: This dashboard displays the resources remaining in your Jobboom package and your package expiry date.

5_ Preferences: Here you can choose the notifications you would like to receive from Jobboom (e.g. sign up for newsletters or alerts, receive copies of your distribution, etc.)

6_ Contact information: View or modify the contact information for your organization.

7_ Company profile: Here you can describe your organization (in French and English) and detail contact information for your company.

8_ Methods of payment: This tab allows you to add or modify your method of payment (credit cards, etc.)

9_ Transaction history: Here you can find all information related to your transactions, including your current balance, date of last billing cycle, purchases, receipts and a list of all your completed payments.


Here you can find the contact information for your Jobboom representative, who is available to answer any questions you have regarding purchases or package renewals.


Here you can find contact information for our Customer Service department, who are available to answer any technical or website questions you may have.

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