How to edit your job offer or modify your posting options

You can modify a job offer on your Dashboard, regardless it is currently posted online or not. 

To do so, please log in then on the main page of your Dashboard, scroll down to the "Manage my postings" section.

Locate the posting you would like to modify and click on the green title. This will bring you to the Details page and you can edit the fields you want. Once done, be sure to click Next step so your changes are saved. That's it! Any change made to the posting will be reflected within 15 minutes on the website.

If you want to modify the posting options, you can do it from here too. For instance, you can change the amount of days, select the Featured job option or broadcast the posting, if it wasn't done previously.

Please note that a posting that was broadcasted once can't be broadcasted again. The workaround is to make a copy of your posting from the "Manage my postings" section by clicking on the mceclip0.png icon, then broadcast this copy.

Finally, you can delete a posting using mceclip1.png. This will entirely delete the offer from your Dashboard, including any application attached to it.

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