Terms & Conditions of Service


Terms & Conditions of Service

These Terms & Conditions of Service (the "Terms & Conditions") apply to the Jobboom.com web site (known as the "Site") located at www.jobboom.com and all associated sites linked to www.jobboom.com by Quebecor Media Incorporated, its affiliates and subsidiaries throughout Canada. The Site is the property of Quebecor Media Incorporated ("Quebecor Media"). BY USING THE SITE, YOU AGREE TO THESE TERMS & CONDITIONS OF SERVICE; IF YOU DO NOT AGREE, DO NOT USE THE SITE.

Jobboom.com reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of these Terms & Conditions of Service, at any time. It is your responsibility to periodically review these Terms & Conditions of Service for any changes, additions or deletions. Your continued use of the Site following the posting of changes, additions or deletions means that you accept and agree to the changes, additions or deletions. As long as you comply with these Terms & Conditions of Service, Jobboom.com shall grant you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited privilege to enter and use the Site.

1. Services Provided by Jobboom.com

Jobboom.com is a single source for everything that has to do with the world of employment; job postings, a job search engine, a resume-creation tool, professional training, employment-related information as well as other relevant information. On the Site, you will find detailed descriptions of employment opportunities provided by several companies and organizations, the professional profile of registered candidates, and a description of the training activities provided by public and private professionals. Jobboom.com also provides service and corporate suppliers with a powerful tool to broadcast their service offerings and their employment opportunities.

2. Copyright and Trademarks

The Jobboom.com logo and all the variations, the navigation tool and all contents of Jobboom.com are provided for non-profit purposes. Use of the logo or information contained at Jobboom.com for commercial or advertising purposes, or to increase the flow of guests to another site, without prior written permission from Jobboom.com is prohibited.

Jobboom.com and the other names, logos and icons that refer to products and services from Jobboom.com are registered trademarks. Unless an exception is expressly stated, no elements of our service may be interpreted as granting an individual the right to use the intellectual property of Jobboom

It is strictly forbidden to neither modify, copy, distribute, transmit, post, represent, reproduce, publish, license, transfer or sell any information, software, product or service obtained from the Site, nor create material derived from the aforementioned elements.

3. User Name and Password

You are the sole responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your user name and password1; Jobboom.com cannot be held responsible for any non-authorized use of your account. Should the confidentiality of this information be compromised, please inform Jobboom.com as soon as possible, to ensure that your identity is not used for fraudulent or malicious purposes. Jobboom.com cannot be held responsible for loss or damage resulting from the infringement of the security measures described in this section. We therefore suggest that you carefully read the LIMITATIONS OF RESPONSIBILITY in Provision 7 of these Terms & Conditions to learn more about the extent of your responsibility regarding Jobboom.com's services.

4. Utilization of the On-line Communication Services

You are entirely responsible for the content of the messages that you broadcast through our services and thus, are accountable for any and all consequences ensuing from said messages. The utilization of our on-line communication services to promote or to sell any goods or services for commercial purposes (with the exclusion of training offers on the Jobboom Formation page (unavailable in English)), conduct or send any studies, surveys, contests, pyramid schemes or chain letters, spam, hack, solicit or perform any other illegal act is utterly forbidden. It is also prohibited to perform an act that could undermine the rights of a third party, or their enjoyment of the service.

Although Jobboom.com retains the right to remove or delete data, at its sole discretion, it is a right that Jobboom.com retains as an option and not as an obligation. Jobboom.com makes no statements regarding the control over the content that has been posted on the Site, given the volume and speed at which data is transmitted over the service.

5. Limitation of Responsibility

Search engines, directories, and content are provided as a courtesy by Jobboom.com, without warranty as to the accuracy or availability of such sites. Furthermore, Jobboom.com makes no claims regarding the volume of search results. Information on the Internet is evolving constantly, as do the sites on which the information is published. Consequently, it is impossible to have full updates at all times. Jobboom.com therefore cannot be held responsible for limited results, or for the unavailability of a given site

Moreover, Jobboom.com cannot guarantee the confidentiality of the information transmitted over the internet and cannot be held accountable for potential damage caused by the inadvertent disclosure of said information. The confidentiality of the information transmitted over the internet is entirely under the responsibility of the person who transmitted the information.

The acceptance of the Terms & Conditions of Service withdraws any and all responsibility from Jobboom.com as to any and all direct or indirect damage that results from the utilization of said service. Furthermore, by accepting the Terms & Conditions of Service, the user acknowledges the fact that Jobboom.com neither assumes responsibility nor warrants the accuracy and reliability of the information that has been obtained from third-party sites.

6. The Network's Efficiency and Security

Jobboom.com cannot guarantee flawless efficiency or flawless security. It is possible that a computer hacker may manage to access our servers. It is therefore important that one keeps in mind, PRIOR TO LOGGING INTO JOBBOOM.COM, that it is always possible that a malicious individual may access our servers and use, for the individual's own benefit, some personal information that a Site member has entered. IN SUCH A CASE, neither Jobboom.com nor its administrators can be held liable for acts of computer hacking nor be blamed for whatever damage or loss that such illegal activity may incur upon the Site member. The Site may on occasion experience failures or outages and some programming issues related to updates or events that are beyond the control of either Jobboom.com or the Site's administrators.

Neither administrator, nor any member of the organisation can be held liable if a Site member is unable to browse through the Site regardless of the reason that is preventing the ability to browse through the Site, including, but not limited to reasons of misunderstanding, defective telephone line, incompatible modem, defective cable, inadequate configuration, and incompatible browser.

7. Content Ownership

The individual who submits content to our service remains the sole owner of the content. However, the individual grants a license to Jobboom.com to use the submitted contents for broadcasting and promotional purposes. This license is granted to Jobboom.com through the submission of an individual's material to our services and it is provided perpetually, toll-free, on a non-exclusive basis. This license namely includes the right to use, reproduce, copy, in whole or in part, the information and display the contents on our sites, unless expressly excluded.

You also agree that Jobboom.com reserves the right to remove information from its network if the contents are deemed inappropriate and contravene the Terms & Conditions of Service, or the rules described in the code of conduct.

8. Noncompliance to the Terms & Conditions of Service

The Terms & Conditions of Service are implemented to protect our users and to maintain the quality of service.

You acknowledge that any noncompliance or outright violation of the Terms & Conditions of Service contained herein may lead to the removal of your access link to Jobboom.com.

9. Applicable Law

This agreement of the Terms & Conditions of Service is governed by the laws of the province of Quebec. You hereby acknowledge that any dispute resulting from, or related to the use of Jobboom.com's services or related websites will be submitted to the competent jurisdiction in the district of Montreal, province of Quebec.

10. Compensation

By accepting the Terms & Conditions of Service, you agree to side and defend Jobboom.com in the case wherein legal proceedings are enacted against Jobboom.com following the infringement of the Terms & Conditions of Service by yourself or any other person who uses your link to Jobboom.com.

11. Job Postings

In accordance with Article 41 of the Charte de la langue française, all job postings for all employment opportunities in Quebec must by law be posted in French (the entire content).

"According to provisions of the Charte de la langue française, which has been law in Quebec since 1977, French is the official language of Quebec. Therefore, any company that has or wishes to establish a business venture in Quebec must comply with the requirements contained in the Charte. Whoever does not comply to a disposition in the law or a ruling adopted by the Government in accordance with said Charte is in violation of the law and is subject to corrective measures from the Office québécois de la langue française, and eventually, to legal proceedings. Jobboom.com invites you to respect the law by including a complete description of the job posting in French."

If you wish to obtain detailed information about the provisions in the Law that apply with respect to the language of work in Quebec, please access the following web pages of the Office québécois de la langue française:

12. Conditions Related to the Utilization of Links

Jobboom.com allows for the insertion of hypertext links to one's own internet homepage. An individual can insert a hypertext link that points back at Jobboom.com only if the individual has accepted the Conditions Related to the Utilization of Links as described herein. By inserting such a hypertext link, the individual has automatically accepted these specific conditions:

  1. It is possible to insert a hypertext link with the Site's homepage http://www.jobboom.com/ or obtain a customized hypertext link through a request using the form available athttp://www.jobboom.com/en/contact-us (href link) and ensuring that the stipulation "Request for a URL link" is in the communication's Subject field. No link to the Site's web pages can be inserted without prior written consent from Jobboom.com.
  2. Upon receiving the appropriate consent from Jobboom.com, Jobboom.com grants the requester a licence that is limited, non exclusive, non transferable, and exempt from fees & royalties that authorizes an individual to use Jobboom.com's trademark. and internet icons, if available, (hereafter referred to as "Authorized Trademarks") to the sole purpose of establishing a link between the individual's website and the Jobboom.com Site. An exception is provided for a limited licence that allows the individual to use the Authorized Trademarks, it is strictly forbidden to use the Jobboom.com trademark of service brand (the "Marks") or the content of the Site for whatever reason without the prior written consent from Jobboom.com.
  3. The individual recognizes that all rights with respect to the Marks, the content displayed on the Site and the display of the Site's web pages are the sole propriety of Jobboom.com. The individual must at any time, be it directly or indirectly, contest or violate these rights.
  4. All the content (texts, illustrations, images, codes and URLs) reproduced on the Site as well as their selection, composition and arrangement are the sole propriety of Jobboom.com or are under a third-party licence and are protected by copyright for the whole world. Any reproduction, either in full or in part, of the Site's content is strictly forbidden. Neither licence nor right of usage of the content has been granted to the Site's users. It is strictly forbidden for several reasons including commercial or profitable ends to modify, copy, distribute, broadcast, reproduce, compile, or transfer any content or create compilations, including content as a whole or in part, or transfer to whomever the content by any means available, including the reproduction or transmission of an excerpt from the content accompanied by a hypertext link or not. It is also strictly forbidden by all means to sell or profit from information, software, product, or service obtained through Jobboom.com, or again to create compilations or works derived from the aforementioned elements.
  5. If an individual inserts a hypertext link to the Jobboom.com Site, the individual's website:
    1. cannot create a frame destined to surround any part of the Site or use another technical method that may have an incidence on the integrity of the Site;
    2. cannot imply that Jobboom.com has recommended the individual or his or her products or services;
    3. cannot imply an affiliation between the individual's company and Jobboom.com without prior written consent from Jobboom.com;
    4. cannot misrepresent the relation between the individual and Jobboom.com or give the false or erroneous impression regarding the services from Jobboom.com; and
    5. cannot display content that may be construed as unpleasant or offensive, but solely content that may be accessible by all ages.
  6. Jobboom.com retains the right to export links, which point to the Site (homepage, postings, directories, and so on), that it feels are relevant in order to increase the traffic of its partners on the Canoe.ca network or partners that it feels are relevant.
  7. Jobboom.com assumes no responsibility with respect to the content as it appears on the individual's website.
  8. Jobboom.com can at anytime and at its sole discretion, immediately rescind an individual's licence that allowed the individual to use the Authorized Trademarks and the individual's right of having a link inserted on the Site, with or without motive. If Jobboom.com exercises this right, the individual must immediately remove and delete the links to the Site and cease using the Authorized Trademarks.

It has been agreed upon that these Terms & Conditions of Service can be modified or altered in whole or in part by Jobboom.com at anytime and without prior notification. By entering and browsing the Site, the individual agrees to comply to the said Terms & Conditions of Service as defined on the page Terms & Conditions of Service.

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